The Next Project: Tales From the Round Table

Well, it seems like I get my best ideas from John C. Wright.

You see, Mr. Wright was lamenting that there was no Arthurian fiction for his children to enjoy – and indeed, the only piece of Arthurian fiction I’d recommend for children is “The Sword in the Stone”, and it’s easily the weakest book in “The Once and Future King” cycle.

And so, the next project, to be started between semesters at my college: The working title is “Tales From the Round Table”, and it will be a collection of (at least mostly) juvenile stories about King Arthur and Camelot. Like “God, Robot” ideally it will all be within the same universe, and perhaps also have its own frame story running in the background. I’m going to specifically ask a few authors if they’re interested in contributing, but, unlike “God, Robot”, I’m also going to have an open submission period – meaning, if you think you’re good enough, send it in.

This is going to be the first book of the new publishing house (*mumblemumble*). The current plan is to try and make enough money, and get enough of a reputation, selling these anthologies/collaborative novels that we can afford to start actually hiring authors and giving them real advances.

This should be a generally interesting experiment. We’ll see what happens.

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