Daredevil: Starting Episode Ten

The show alternates between “outstanding” and “decent, not great” which is…two very good extremes to go through. Episodes five and six (when Matt is surrounded by the police, holed up in a warehouse, speaking to the Kingpin) were both excellent, then it went through a bit of a dry spell, though it was never bad enough for me to stop watching.

This is the rare show where I actually want to see MORE fight scenes. They really are incredibly well choreographed, and they’re the most fun parts of the show. The flashbacks to Kingpin’s childhood were interesting too (though the scene where he kills his father is extremely reminiscent of the scene where Martin Freeman kills his wife in “Fargo”).

Matt and the Kingpin are both exceptionally well characterized, and for once the similarities between hero and villain actually ring true.

I still like Foggy. Thought I’d find him annoying, but he’s pretty funny! And a good actor.

Still highly recommended.

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