And This Time, No Mask

Anti-abortionist prevented from going to Australia. Read it, it’s important.

The battle to prevent Newman from coming to Australia for a speaking tour began earlier this week, after a lawmaker sent a letter to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton saying Newman could pose a threat to community safety (I’ll bet any money on no criminal record, because if he had one you better be damn sure they’d have mentioned it.

“I am most concerned that Mr. Newman’s call for abortionists to be executed could lead to threats or the commission of acts of violence against women and medical professionals,” wrote Terri Butler, a member of the opposition Labor Party.

Immigration officials then revoked Newman’s visa.

Newman was pretty clearly referring to government sanctioned executions when he said that performing an abortion should be an execution-worthy act. The reason I’m sure of this is that we would have heard of him before this otherwise. But let’s say he really did mean that he wanted people to hold “executions” of abortionists in the streets or something, I don’t know. It makes no sense, but let’s roll with it.

How does it apply, in any way, to all medical professionals? Or all women? Is he telling us to assume that anybody in a doctor’s office is an ipso facto abortionist? How are you supposed to be violent towards women if you don’t know which of them have had abortions? Do we believe he’s trying to incite people to just round up women, ask them if they had an abortion, and kill them if they say yes? Is ANYBODY even PRETENDING to take this seriously? I doubt it.

“Here in Australia, we are a very open democracy,” Terri Butler, a Labor member of the Australian Parliament, told the New York Times. “We have a lot of discussion, frank discussion, vehement discussion, about issues on which we disagree. And abortion is one of those things. But we don’t welcome extremists into our country.

Annnnnnnd I’m done. I don’t have anything to say to that one.

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2 Responses to And This Time, No Mask

  1. Ilíon says:

    Every system has a god; there is no such thing as “religious neutrality”. If the god-of-the-system is not the Living God who has revealed himself to mankind via the Bible, it will necessarily be some idol or other, and there will often be a demon inhabiting the idol(s), lying in wait to devour human souls.

    One of the gods of the system of the present age is Venus, and the sacrifice she demands is babies.

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