The Pope criticizes a pretend Catholic.

“[The Mayor of Rome] pretends to be Catholic, it came on him all of a sudden. It doesn’t happen like that,” Francis said.

The pope’s cutting comments on the politician — who observers say rubbed the pontiff up the wrong way with his vocal support of gay marriage and euthanasia — came as Francis returned from a barnstorming visit to the United States and Cuba.

Asked on the flight home if the pope had invited Marino, Francis said, “I didn’t invite the mayor. Is that clear? I asked the organisers and they didn’t invite him either.”


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5 Responses to Intriguing

  1. Crude says:

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this Pope feigned a run to the left, just to expose precisely which liberal, traitor-prone cardinals in the Church would rise up in cheer, and mark themselves as ripe for discipline?

    I mean, I highly – HIGHLY – doubt it. But it’s fun to imagine.

  2. À la:

    Color me skeptical, but even if that´s the voodoo that this putative Pope Scooby Doo do do, we´re talking about longterm spiritual impact and confusion among Catholics. Giving succor to dissident just to “expose” (?) them undermines the sheep just about as well as simply empowering them. Actions would be the only way to reverse the long-term effects at play so far, actions like summarily excommunicating the duped dissidents, quashing dissident theologians, etc., but come on. Anyway, end of rant on that front.

    As for his putdown of this mayor, there are so many wheels within wheels in this papacy, and so many layers of media spin, in both directions, that the micro-politics between Francis and the Roman mayor are not even worth exploring, by my lights. So an unquantified number of unnamed “observers” say that the mayor is now an ideological target of the pope who condemns ideology and condemnation? Okay, sure. Meanwhile, I´ll be closing on an amazing deal I found on a bridge….

    • Well, yeah, it would admittedly be a pretty crap plan. More like a “Haha, that would be kind of funny” thing than something I actually hope would happen.

      Not that I wrote the comment anyway, but I did chuckle.

    • Crude says:


      I said it was highly unlikely, but that it would be hilarious. Frankly, I think if this actually happened, the spiritual impact among Catholics would be positive – if it happened as I said. Naturally I’d expect any exposing of dissidents to be followed by coming down on them like a ton of bricks. Excommunication may not be necessary (warranted? I’d like to think so), but smoking out and removing the cardinals and bishops who wish to undermine and modernize the church would not only accomplish a lot – it would break what lingering morale there is among the Catholic social left.

      Granted, that would probably result in many on the Catholic left severing ties and becoming openly hostile to the Church. It’s a fair trade.

      Regardless, the Pope continues to throw curveballs. I expect the worst – I always do – but he’s said some explicitly orthodox things, hot off the heels from his American trip. For all I know, the Holy Spirit got to him. Or maybe I’m mistaken.

      This year seems to be the year that experts who dictate how the world will go are shown to be out of their league. Perhaps we’re in for that again.

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