The Universe I’d Most Like to Write In

This may come as a shock to you, but I really like “Firefly”.

I know! Surprising, right? I guess I don’t mention it THAT much, but I like the show.

I was thinking of the various book universes I’ve read about, and about Holmes pastiches, and Wright’s “Awake in the Night Land” anthology, and I thought about what world I would enjoy writing about the most.

Yeah, definitely “Firefly”. That speech style and setting can’t be beat. I’d love to talk about Mal and the Serenity crew, but I could have fun with my own characters too.

Just off the top of my head. Currently working on a post for “Out of Gas” as a follow-up to my “Heart of Gold” post.

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3 Responses to The Universe I’d Most Like to Write In

  1. zodak says:

    you would have to throw in some random chinese phrases.

    • I find it hard to justify my time with fan-fiction, alas.

      That said, outside of “Awake in the Night Land” (which, come on, is pure fan fiction) the best fan fiction I’ve ever read was a story called “Father” about Mal learning he had two sons.

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