New Superversive SF Post: Firefly’s Dark Heart of Gold

Here you go. You should have it by now. Comment here, there, or wherever else you’d like.

A brief excerpt:

“Heart of Gold”‘s conceit is just too ridiculous for me to take seriously. The idea that babies are sometimes better off being raised by whores in a whorehouse is downright risible, as is the idea that believing in the importance of the traditional family turns you into a maniac. What the mother SHOULD have done at the end is either tried to get out of the whorehouse somewhere and into respectable work or else tried to get the baby adopted by somebody else.

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4 Responses to New Superversive SF Post: Firefly’s Dark Heart of Gold

  1. The Practical Conservative says:

    What’s “supporting the traditional family” about fathering a child out of wedlock with a prostitute?

    • You’re missing the point. Pay attention to the language. The way they talk implies that they’re clearly meant to be an extreme ultra-patriarchal “traditional” society, just hypocritical. The whole episode is a sustained attack on fathers.

      • I had a response to this, but you know what, I’ll just rewatch it before saying anything else here or my own blog. I have a long delayed post about Whedon’s weird inconsistency in how he portrays women of negotiable virtue overall in the series. Perhaps this discussion about the weird class inconsistency stuff will spur me to finish it.

      • Well, I think liberalism’s concept of “value” gets more nonsensical the more you think about it anyway.

        Let me put it to you this way: Think about who the bad guys were – men who were leaders in the community – and who the good guys were – whores, protecting a whore giving birth in a whorehouse – and think of the amount of nuance each group was portrayed with. This might be able to help you get my point.

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