Finished Season 6

…Of “The Office”.

End of season thoughts:

  • Very clearly the weakest. The Sabre buyout arc unfortunately did little to distinguish itself from the initial Charles Miner takeover from season 5.
  • That said, it did bring some good things along with it. New character Gabe was hilarious and Nick the IT guy had his moments, and we got to see David Wallace come up with his new business idea: Suck It! It’s a vacuum. Get it? Get it?
  • That, by the way, resulted in my favorite gag of the finale, when David casually mentions he leaked the Sabre printer failures to the press then tries to pitch his new vacuum. The documentarians wisely cut away.
  • Favorite episode: “Secret Santa”, this season’s Christmas special, and probably their second best after season two’s (though I know many hold “Benihana Christmas” in high regard, and I can’t fault them for that). Wherein Michael, upset after he gets outvoted by Phyllis in his bid to be Santa, instead dresses up as a pissy, nasty Jesus. The whole episode is worth it just to see Michael grumpily tell Stanley he’ll be going to Hell.
  • Best scene: Michael and crew attempting to learn CPR and instead breaking off into a dance party, killing their patient, and letting Dwight wear his face as a mask. It’s pretty much what it sounds like, but with a dummy. When Andy started to sing “Staying Alive” I couldn’t stop laughing. Noted on a rewatch: Creed is also on fire here. “The Office”‘s cold opens remain the best even into their sixth season.
  • I quite liked the Jim/Pam delivery episodes. They avoided the pitfalls from their wedding episode and delightfully avoided the most common sitcom cliches when it comes to giving birth. I especially enjoyed when Pam started to nurse the wrong baby, and when Michael parked in front of the hospital then threw his keys into the bushes to prevent anybody from towing him.
  • The weakest episodes were when the new Sabre boss-lady visits. Charles Miner without all the fun Michael Scott Paper Company drama resulting from it.
  • (I’m not counting the clip show. Ugh, a clip show? Seriously? Come on, guys.)
  • While I stopped watching the clip show when the clips started popping up, “Fake Stanley” was pretty hilarious.
  • The finale was solid, but offered less potential for future story than did previous season finales.

Overall: The season still gets a thumbs up from me. It was consistently funny enough that it would have felt cheap to say I was really disappointed. But there’s no question there were some very weak moments.

A clip show? Seriously?

And now, onto season 7, wherein Michael leaves. Episode one was pretty funny (and with another excellent cold open). I feel bad for Andy. Man, they made him unlikeable early on, but ever since he got engaged to Angela the writers have shit all over him. Screw Gabe, I’m team Erin/Andy.

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