Me! Me! Not Her, ME!!!!

There’s a lot to say, of course, about what a sick, twisted person you’d have to be to say that you would have aborted your own daughter if you knew she would have a mental disability before she was born. But forget all that. Let’s look at the common thread running through the article:

– I would have aborted her

– If I had had a prenatal diagnosis, I would have obtained an abortion. Today, I am beyond grateful that I didn’t. But I cannot ever in any circumstances imagine insisting others not have that right.

– An hour after she was born, a team of specialists were in the delivery room informing me Johanna had an intestinal obstruction that would require immediate surgery, as well as a suspected heart defect. I just stared at them in absolute shock, thinking, “I never signed up for this.”

(The most twisted one of all – “My baby needs emergency surgery to stay alive, I never signed up for this.”)

– But it was a rocky road to get where we are today, and while it’s a path I’m glad I’m on, I would never want to see a woman forced into it.

(I wonder if her daughter is glad her mother didn’t kill her? Maybe we should take that into accoun- nah, just kidding, it’s not about her, it’s about Me! ME!!!!)

– Those first few months after Jo Jo’s birth, I suffered crippling post partum depression: I knew I would have terminated if I’d had the prenatal diagnosis, which left me feeling incredibly guilty, and I was overwhelmed by the maze of doctor appointments and therapists that had become my life.

(Remember, she’s not the one suffering from a mental disability and serious health issues, unless you count narcissism.)

– But my relationship with my daughter was something that had to develop on its own; if I had had a prenatal diagnosis, but had been forced to continue the pregnancy like Ohio legislators want, it would have been a disaster.

(No mention of how the baby would feel about the whole thing, considering the alternative would have been death.)

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One Response to Me! Me! Not Her, ME!!!!

  1. GRA says:

    Choice becomes solely about self. Like going to a restaurant or a fast-food joint and looking at the menu. That type of choice is amazing. Now ‘choice’ depicted in the article – nasty. Pure nasty.

    What I haven’t heard talked about when it comes to selective abortions is if, when the day comes, one can learn about the baby’ sexuality. That’ll be the day. China aborts baby girls. Western civilization aborts babies because its birth is an inconvenience. I sort of want all the ‘choice’ true believers to support whatever reason a woman has to axe the baby. Not 100% straight? Abort. Not going to be at least 5’8 and isn’t academically intelligent enough to attain admission to an elite university? Abort. Future car mechanic instead of a prominent politician or doctor? Abort.

    Have you’ve see the movie Gattaca? We’re slowly approaching that type of future, where one can actually pick & choose the best traits of each parent and make “the ideal” baby from the given DNA. We might one day be referred to as a “God-child.”

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