So, Parks and Rec

Due to several recommendations, I’m trying it out starting with season 2. I’m in the middle of the first episode.

Here is the summary so far: Leslie accidentally marries gay penguins, so both conservative and liberal outfits think she’s a gay activist, despite the fact that it was an accident.

The gay activists throw her a party in her honor. She goes to the party.

The conservative activists ask her to resign and threaten to get her fired, because “gay marriage ruins things for the rest of us”. Something you would understand, apparently, if you were married, so says the activist.

Leslie goes on a local talk show. Every single caller thinks she should resign.

Maybe this is hypocritical after having a long discussion about the cynical, if not outright nihilist, views of “The Office”, but son of a bitch this is annoying.

Compare the way this was handled here to the classic “Office” episode “Gay Witch Hunt”. Besides the fact that GWH is much, much funnier, it is also much, much less obnoxious.

Not a fan of “Parks and Rec” so fa. I’ll keep on with it through a few episodes of season two and see if it gets good enough to keep my interest. It’s a bad start, though.

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4 Responses to So, Parks and Rec

  1. Yeah… I had to come back after a break after that one…

    Hint that worked for me: Watch for Ron. Just keep thinking, “I’ve got to see what Ron does next.”

    Then go watch Better off Ted sometime. šŸ˜› lol

  2. Syllabus says:

    Nate is right: the thing that makes the show worth watching is Ron Swanson.

  3. Jakeithus says:

    It takes some time to grow on you, and the leftist bias gets annoying sometimes. I’d also have to encourage you to stick with it for Ron (and to a lesser extent, Tom and Gerry).

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