Update on What I’m Working On

First off – an article previous posted on this site, “The Problem With the Problem of Susan”, has been accepted by the Sci Phi Journal for publication. I am quite pleased about this, both because I need the money and because I like how that essay came out. So look out for that.

Now, about my current writing:

I am still in the midst of what I call “thinking out” my upcoming novel, a process similar to brainstorming that involves me shooting ideas back and forth with some trusted people until I come up with something really coherent. This tends to result in some good stuff. Right now it’s still in a stage where I can sense that it works out as a single story rather than actually connect the three plot threads in any concrete way, and there are still too many puzzle pieces missing for me to actually sit and try to plot it out on paper yet.

And yet, the cogs are turning, just dreadfully slowly. Some more things have been added to the mix. It dawned on me today in a rare flash of insight that I had been looking at the connecting thread all wrong. What should bring the three main characters together is not space, but time. So time travel has been added to the story, but with a new mechanic thrown in that has the potential to be the basis for interesting conflicts.

New settings have been added as well: A secret church is going to be connected to all of this somehow, though I haven’t decided whether or not it will be a huge, looming cathedral or a tiny wooden shack.

It also occurred to me to use the classic Star Trek episode “City on the Edge of Forever” as a template. The real genius of the episode came from the brilliant melding of very personal, human, small-scale conflicts with world-shaking consequences. This resulted in a story that was somehow intensely personal and grandly epic at the same time. The conceit was brilliant, and if I can pull that rabbit out of my hat it can help unify some disparate ideas into a whole that perhaps outdoes the sum of its parts.

We shall see what happens.

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