An Insight Into my Work Process

My five to ten regular readers may perhaps be interested in seeing my think process when writing short stories.

These images are from one of the rare times I worked on a draft of a story using pen and paper. Normally I use a computer for all drafts, but the process is basically the same with more backspacing and less scribbling. This story is titled “Modified”, which will be appearing in the upcoming anthology “God, Robot”. It is about the creation of the first theological bot, and the headaches this caused the engineers who invented it. In true Asimovian fashion, Striker and Helix were and remain cyphers more than true characters. This was intentional, both as a homage to Asimov and because using archetypes simply fit the story.

Notice the list of names in the upper left hand corner of the notebook. The last names were fairly set for Striker and Helix, but the first names I was still considering. Helix remained Sam, but Striker turned into Mark, not Mike. Also, the y in his last name turned into an i.

Lina Krawler was not originally my character, and so her name remained the same.

There are other things to note here. At one point, instead of writing down a specific date, I wrote a note to myself to check the already finished stories to  make sure I got the timeline right. And if you pay attention, the line between the first and second paragraphs denotes a reboot, as in, I disliked the original opening and restarted the story entirely.

The second page contains a note reminding me to type the word in italics, and contains a word I had inserted after a fact using the carrot symbol (^).

Anyway, it was interesting to me, anyway, to get a look into my thought process during one of my first drafts of the story.

Modified 1 Cropped


Modified 3 Cropped

Apologies for the poor photo quality. This was taken with my PC’s built in camera.

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  1. Elostirion says:

    Everybody has better handwriting than I do. Man…

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