A Random Thought

“A Canticle for Leibowitz” would make a terrible movie. There’s almost no action at all. No battles, no mysteries, no Fight to Save the World From the Forces of Evil (with the monks, it’s all about preserving, not saving). In its own way it’s a very “quiet” novel.

BUT – I would LOVE to see this done as a mini-series…say, 9 or 12 episodes (3 or 4 to a novella). That way it would be far easier to concentrate on the details of the plot. Created as a character-centered think-piece I believe that a televised version of “Canticle” could be brilliant. It would just take the right people in the right place at the right time.

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One Response to A Random Thought

  1. Have you ever watched Babylon 5? One of its best episodes, “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars,” had a segment that was a tribute to Canticle. Different science fiction universe and only about fifteen minutes long, but I think it could be argued that that it serves as a sort of ‘proof of concept’ that a TV version of Canticle could be very interesting indeed.

    If you haven’t ever watched Babylon 5, it’s the final episode of season 4; the episode as a whole, though, can’t be understood without knowing what came before. (On the other hand, season 4 of Babylon 5 is the single best season of TV science fiction that has ever, and I mean ever, been done; it’s easily worth watching three seasons just to get to it.) If you have watched B5, you might give that episode a view again to see what you think.

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