Oh, Come on Now

This is just absurd.

Still want to maintain that nobody has anything to hide?

EDIT: Next thing I saw on facebook? A video titled “Planned Parenthood is not Selling Baby Parts, you Fucking Idiots”.

People are STILL buying the (literal) company line. How insane is that?

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17 Responses to Oh, Come on Now

  1. Chad says:

    Very insane. I’ve lost friends this week because I am a “right wing ideologue full of hate and spite after my conversion to Catholicism.”

    I understand that moral relativism can blind someone, as I used to be there myself. But I was never THAT bad, thank God.

  2. Ilion says:

    It’s not even (or not really) moral relativism that explains what we’re seeing.

    The moral relativism is merely a strategic point on the road to the real goal, which is the flipping of moral categories. To put it another way, before a man can convince himself that black is white and white is black, he must f1rst convince himself that all he sees is grey.

  3. GRA says:

    >>Next thing I saw on facebook? A video titled “Planned Parenthood is not Selling Baby Parts, you Fucking Idiots”.

    I was reading the combox on another site and a poster said that PP was framed and resorted to the Constitution’s “innocent until PROVEN guilty.”

    Now I thought I wasn’t brightest bulb.

  4. ccmnxc says:

    Haven’t watched the videos. Any substance to the accusations outside of “Well, we edited it to the important parts so you didn’t have to watch a freaking two hour long video…”?

    I’m guessing you’ll say nothing substantive, but is there anything one could take pause at, even?


    • ccmnxc says:

      “I’m guessing you’ll say nothing substantive”

      And to clarify this so as not to sound like an accusation, I mean this in terms of “There is nothing substantive in the videos so as to indicate illicit editing.”

    • If you want to get rid of the spin on both sides, What’s Wrong With the World is the place to go. Lydia is very careful in all her analyses. The summary is that Planned Parenthood probably isn’t selling baby parts, but it looks really, really bad for them anyway.


      When it comes to this type of news story Lydia is the best one to read.

    • You know you can view the entire, full-length video, right? The reason the videos were edited was because they are a couple of hours long and few people in our society today will sit down and watch two hours of someone ho-humming around most of the time. Most human conversations have a lot of down time and are filled with uninteresting chatter. They didn’t sit down with these people and right away get into the nitty gritty questions. It doesn’t work like that. So yes, they’ve been edited, but their editing didn’t change what the person said or their intentions in saying it (if you don’t believe me, go watch the unedited versions). They were edited to select the most important and relevant parts of the conversation and distill it into ten to fifteen minutes, the max length of video most people will watch. So the “they were editing” excuse is invalid.

      Now, if they’d edited the videos to try to twist what the Planned Parenthood officials said, that would be different. But then, if they had, they wouldn’t have posted the WHOLE FOOTAGE so people could see what they did.

  5. Mojo_Hand says:

    Having read the -full- transcripts from the first two videos, I can say that there is nothing in them that is exculpatory. It looks and sounds like medical professionals haggling over “reimbursement” in a way they evidently understand to be, if not extra-legal, legally ambiguous.

    Abortion is, of course, the head of the progressive totem-pole. Liberals defending Planned Parenthood’s activity are simply on Sacred Cow duty, for all intents and purposes. It’s the dirty work that has to be done.

    “It’s not even (or not really) moral relativism that explains what we’re seeing.”

    I would agree with that to an extent. Personally, I’ve never been convinced that anyone really operates under the illusion that their moral positions and statements are of totally personal invention. Rather, relativism is typically carted out in response to positive arguments from traditional morality as a way to invalidate those arguments prima facie. But how many times have we heard that line of reasoning only for the interlocutor to describe the legitimacy of their own moral system with total un-examined confidence? Indeed, the argument is so crude that I hardly see anyone argue along those lines any longer.

    I think, having recognized the lack of persuasive power inherent in a straightforwardly relative moral system (because how persuasive can anyone’s morality be if their morality is exclusive to oneself?) has been displaced by a pernicious emotivism. I have recently seen an atheist friend of mine declare that what he finds to be moral and immoral stems from his ‘highly developed’ sense of empathy. That really, knowing what is moral is simply the outcome of feeling one way or another given another person’s plight or emotional state. He knows that same-sex marriage is morally permissible because he knows that being opposed to same-sex marriage would emotionally eviscerate his lesbian sister. And that’s bad. It is the very sincerity of his emotional states that give his moral convictions potency. And if morals are really nothing more than emotional states, then questioning another person’s morality is like questioning the sincerity of their feelings. And that’s just rude.

    This is why simple cross-examinations of progressive morality are often taken as personal attacks by those progressives being cross-examined.

    This system is far more persuasive than old-fashioned “moral relativism”. Because, if enough people feel the same way you do -that is, share the same pattern with respect to emotional states-, that’s consensus. And if you have consensus, you have political agency. It’s like a moral relativism that everyone can agree on because “feelings”.

  6. dpmonahan says:

    PP isn’t “selling baby parts”, they are being reimbursed for tissues from products of conception you stupid wingnuts.

    • It’s a good thing I never said they were selling baby parts then, and linked to a source I specifically stated was accurately reporting what Planned Parenthood was doing.

      See, you’re calling me a wingnut, meaning you’ve forfeited any right to civility from me, jackass. You talk about context? Well, understand what I’m saying.

      I’m not in the mood to play games with liars, morons, or both. I suspect you’re the third.

      • dpmonahan says:

        Looks like I forgot the internet rule about sarcasm being indistinguishable from conviction.

      • Bwahahaha, mea culpa, I should have clicked on your link.

        This is a DEFINITE Poe’s Law situation, though. Remember, somebody posted a video that called us all “fucking idiots”. Be careful!

  7. ccmnxc says:

    Looks like I forgot the internet rule about sarcasm being indistinguishable from conviction.

    With Poe’s Law very much in effect in this situation, yeah, you’d be right; they are indistinguishable.

    • Wow – yeah, dpmonohan had me totally fooled. I thought, “How did another idiot find his way here?” I realize it happens, but I’m still genuinely curious about it.

      OT – Malcolm, I’ve been reading the Chronicles of Narnia to my older two children, and we’re nearly finished with “The Last Battle.” Now I’ve read all seven before, twice, and LWW a dozen or more times. But I had no idea you took your tagline from the Last Battle, Tirian’s words to Jill.

      Man, you almost made me break down in front of my kids. As if the stories themselves weren’t enough.

    • GRA says:

      It is much easier to pose as modern day leftist or liberal than it is to espouse conservative rhetoric. I wonder why …

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