Here is What Planned Parenthood Said That is Completely Unambiguous

  • Sometimes, babies are delivered before Planned Parenthood is able to kill them via drugs. These babies are still harvested: “Sometimes, if someone is able to deliver before a procedure, then we are intact…we try for that not to happen.”
  • Though the pay is technically for transport only, it differs depending on the specimens being transported, meaning that separate organs have different monetary compensations for Planned Parenthood. Put another way: They are trying to make a profit [Same video]:Buyer: “So compensation could be specific to the specimen? Planned Parenthood Associate: “Okay….We would need criteria for what makes something usable or not.”
  • They know they are breaking the law, and admit as much: Planned Parenthood Associate: Gatter: So that’s an interesting concept. Let me explain to you a little bit of a problem, which may not be a big problem, if our usual technique is suction, at 10 to 12 weeks, and we switch to using an IPAS or something with less suction, and increase the odds that it will come out as an intact specimen, then we’re kind of violating the protocol that says to the patient,“We’re not doing anything different in our care of you.” – Febraury 6, 2015 interview

Lydia McGrew reports that they admit in the interview that they may deliver babies alive before killing them. I’ve had trouble finding that, and await her clarification.

Remember: Though technically the cost is compensation for transport only, it is dependent on the value of specific baby parts. Maybe you could kind of stretch that to say they’re not selling baby parts, but I think you probably know that that’s what they mean, and you’re lying. Or dumb. Or both.

I’m not in the mood to play games with pro-choicers.

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10 Responses to Here is What Planned Parenthood Said That is Completely Unambiguous

  1. Ilíon says:

    Though the pay is technically for transport only …

    As Michael Egnor points out (*) — “Donation means to provide free of charge. When I donate clothing to my church, I drop it in the bin and drive away. I don’t go to the parish office and ask for reimbursement for my costs–for the cost of the clothing and cost of gasoline.

    Selling is the provision of a product or service in exchange for money. The money may be below cost, at cost, or at a profit. It is the exchange of money that makes something selling rather than donating.

    Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. It takes money for them. It sells them.

    (*) WordPress suppresses post which link to Blogspot, so I can’t link directly to Egnor’s post, where is at — http: //egnorance. blogspot .com/2015/07/is-planned-parenthood-donating-or.html [remove the spaces]

    • And the money differs for specific baby parts and is up for negotiation, so Planned Parenthood can make a profit.

      It’s the most shameless, cowardly form of hairsplitting imaginable.

  2. Ilíon says:

    I’m not in the mood to play games with pro-choicers.

    There is no such thing as a “pro-choicer”; there are only pro-abortionists.

    • Randy P. says:

      I prefer “pro-murderers”.

      I use the same term for them in regards to assisted-suicide, too.

      • Ilíon says:

        That’s a good point, Randy. They no longer limit their enthusiams to murdering the unborn — as was entirely predictable (and as was predicted). When you worship Death, you kind of have a need to inflict it as much as possible.

      • I see little difference between them and serial killers. Neither have regard for their victims and don’t see them as equally human as themselves. They know they are killing a real person but they don’t care. The doctor’s “It’s a baby” in this last video proved that. They KNOW what they’re doing. That should scare the socks off of any rational human being!

  3. Great catches in their “logic”! I find it incredible that anyone could question Planned Parenthood’s intentions after hearing their people on these videos. The last one was particularly gruesome, with the doctor flicking around a tiny eyeball and lamenting that eyeballs aren’t lucrative. Those who support this type of ghoulish behavior want to say the videos were edited. It still doesn’t change what they said in the parts we saw (and the full-length versions are readily available…someone who edits a video to change the meaning of those in it won’t post the entire version for everyone to see, duh!).

    Excellent point about the varying prices. It takes no longer to get one body part than another so the fees should all be the same.

    I appreciate you tackling this subject. I did as well in my latest post. More people need to address this and not let the media push the “lion’s” share of the attention somewhere else.

    • Excellent point about the varying prices. It takes no longer to get one body part than another so the fees should all be the same.

      I suppose one could, if one were truly superb at lying to oneself (most people are, I guess), believe that it’s because a certain organ is harder or easier to transport (perhaps its easier to transport livers than eyes)?

      That’s borderline-absurd, but I’ll grant the premise.

      The real issue here, to me, is the haggling to get the best value. If you “donate” something, you don’t haggle. You donate. Negotiations and varying price ranges based on the perceived value of the organs indicate that they’re trying to make a profit. Whether or not it’s *technically, legally* based only on transportation of the organs as opposed to direct sale of organs is ultimately irrelevant.

    • Ilion says:

      Excellent point about the varying prices. It takes no longer to get one body part than another so the fees should all be the same.

      If they were chopping human being up into pieces parts (as they are, and know they are) and were then donating the parts for “research”, there would be no *fees* at all. One doesn’t expect, much less demand, something in return when one *donates*

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