Saw Ant Man

That was Way Cool.

More detail: The first half of the movie, the origin story aspect, was decent. It kept my interest, but it was nothing special (as far as origin stories go, the original Sam Raimi “Spider-Man” is still the best ever, but that’s a whole other story).

But the second half of the film is a heist movie, and WOW. It was absolutely amazing. I had some misgivings at first about how much could be made out of the shrinking and growing powers, but as it turned out it all looked REALLY COOL.

Of course, there is a huge plot hole (so SPOILERS, but if you know anything about story-telling they should be fairly obvious spoilers): A big deal is made in the movie that going “sub-atomic” in the Ant Man suit is extraordinarily dangerous, potentially leading to the wearer shrinking forever. The problem is, it’s stated very early on that the way the Ant Man suit works is by decreasing the amount of space between your atoms. The atoms don’t shrink, so how could it go sub-atomic?

And let’s say that what was meant is that the particles IN the atoms move closer together. Even THEN there would have to be a limit; shrinking forever just isn’t possible the way they explained the technology.

The best option for them was to avoid explaining how the suit worked at all. Who cares?

But whatever. The movie was really, really good, and the whole sub-atomic thing worked well in the predictable but satisfying climax.

Was it better than “Age of Ultron”? Hard to say. The two are very different movies – “Age of Ultron” tried to be a lot more serious. It’s an apples and oranges comparison. That said…eh, why not, sure. Nothing in “Age of Ultron” measured up to the great shrink/grow fight scene with Yellow Jacket.

Was it better than the tontally similar “Guardians of the Galaxy”? Nooooooooo, no, no, a thousand times no. “Ant Man” is funny. “Guardians” is hilarious.

BUT – Is it worth seeing?

Absolutely. It’s awesome. Watch it.

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