A Simple Distinction

A girly romance is a romance where the man, or woman, is willing to give up everything in order to be with the one they love.

A manly romance is a romance where the man, or woman, is forced to give up, or risk, their happiness with the one they love in order to achieve a greater good.

Girly romances don’t necessarily have to be bad (See: “Wall-E”), and manly romances don’t necessarily have to be good (I can’t think of any bad examples off the top of my head, but I’m not a fan of the romance genre generally). But I think the distinction is a pretty good one.

To see the quintessential examples of both, “Titanic” is THE girly romance, and “Casablanca” is THE manly romance.

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5 Responses to A Simple Distinction

  1. Ilíon says:

    Or, in other words, the essence of the girly romance is: “Muh feelz is the most important thing in the world“?

  2. Ilion says:

    I’ve never watched either Casablanca or Titanic, so I’ll take your word that these are The movie of the respective genres.

    One “manly romance” I have seen, and recommend, is Sommersby

    • Ilion says:

      Perhaps, ‘Sommersby’ might better be classed as a “girly romance” which transforms into a “manly romance” by the end.

    • “Titanic” I’ve never seen in full but know the plot of quite well. What I have seen struck me as highly overdramatic.

      To be fair, it is only “The” movie of the genre because it is so popular. There are perhaps purer, more exact forms of the genre out there — like “Wall-E”, which I emphasize is proof positive that the sub-genre is not inherently worthless.

      “Casablanca” is a work of genius and a top three movie of all time.

      “Sommersby” I’ve never seen but will if I get the time.

      • Ilion says:

        At least for me, “Sommersby” was one of those movies that took over my random thinking for a couple of days after I saw it.

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