New Recommendation: “Lackadaisy” by Tracy J. Butler

I discuss “Freefall” a fair amount here and other places (all should read it, by the way), and I’ve linked to “Cyanide and Happiness”, “xkcd”, and “1/0” before, so yeah, I enjoy webcomics.

Though all of those comics are very, very different, they all have one thing very much in common: The artwork in all of them ranges on a spectrum going from “very simple” (“Freefall”, “xkcd”*) to “really terrible” (early “1/0”, early and modern “Cyanide and Happiness”).

And so, here is something really, really completely different: Tracy J. Butler’s “Lackadaisy”.

It’s about the group running the dying Lackadaisy speakeasy during Prohibition. The story is great, the characters are all interesting, and the writing is excellent. But forget that. Look at this artwork. Look at it!

That’s panel 2. The artwork has gotten better by now, several years later.

Much better.

Much, much, much better.


The only flaw is that the comic updates at a glacial pace. It’s a minor miracle that it hasn’t stopped updating entirely. But, Tracy relatively recently just got her patreon funded and will be doing Lackadaisy full time, so hopefully things will go a LITTLE quicker.

Anyway. Read. Love it. It’s brilliant.

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2 Responses to New Recommendation: “Lackadaisy” by Tracy J. Butler

  1. Syllabus says:

    Two webcomics recommendations: Dresden Codak (steampunk-y sci-fi weirdness) and Dr McNinja (wacky hijinks of a doctor who is also a ninja, with a mustachioed Mexican teenaged sidekick with a velociraptor steed and an intelligent gorilla as a receptionist). Both highly recommended, though DC only updates like once a month, which is annoying.

    Also, I think the writer for Dr McNinja either is or was a Catholic, ’cause he tends to write about that stuff both knowledgeably and sympathetically.

  2. Crude says:

    Another good one:

    And I’m a fan of Prequel Adventure, admittedly.

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