Weird Fiction

A random thought:

I’ve had a lot of fun reading and editing the stories in “God, Robot” (coming along nicely, by the way). Would anybody be interested in seeing an anthology of weird fiction?

What brought this up: The Castalia House blog just put up a post about weird fiction, which made me curious enough to look up the magazine “Weird Tales”. The history of the modern magazine is a sad one; to summarize, it appears that it was taken over by SJW’s, whose mishandling lead to its brutal death (though technically, it’s on life support as of now). I may do more research on the subject and write something up about it for Superversive SF.

At first I thought that I didn’t really like Weird fiction, but on reflection I realize that’s wrong. One of my favorite writers was published multiple times by “Weird Tales”: Edgar Allen Poe. His first Dupin story, “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, and his most famous story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, were both published by “Weird Tales”. And by that measure, Roald Dahl is an excellent weird fiction writer. So I guess I am a weird fiction fan.

It just got me to thinking that weird fiction could use a good home, though unfortunately I do not have the capital to start my own magazine, great as that would be.

But I have no interest in taking subpar works just to fill it out. If I were to make an anthology, it would have to be REALLY quality, hence me asking publicly if people think there’s enough interest to put together a good twenty story or so anthology.

Just wondering.

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  1. I would, I love weird fiction

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