The Final Story

I am extremely pleased to announce that the final story in my upcoming book has been submitted! Final as of now, anyway. I have no plans to add another author but if somebody drops on my doorstep of course I’ll be happy about it.

Note that I’m no longer calling it anthology. I don’t think that’s quite right. It’s not an anthology, it’s a collaborative novel. How well it works together depends on how well constructed our frame story is going to be. I can promise you that I will work extremely hard on it.

I’m really, really happy with the lineup of stories I have. I still don’t want to list the authors officially until I at least have an idea of when it will be published, but I think you’re all going to like it a lot. There are eight authors total (including me) and ten stories total (two each by myself and my coeditor and one each for the rest of the lineup). All stories are original to the book but one, which was published several years ago in a small, little read anthology. It is appearing in a slightly altered form as well in order to better fit it into the timeline.

And a final teaser (for now): The title of the book is “God, Robot”.

When the frame story is finished and my handle on how things are going to progress is a little more complete, I’ll give you the list of authors and a plot synopsis.

Get excited, though! This has the potential to be something really special, in my not at all biased opinion.

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2 Responses to The Final Story

  1. I’m excited! The concept of an overarching story sounds pretty cool. From what I gather, it’s a pretty trendy thing in multiple author collections too. Wasn’t there a fantasy collection that did something similar recently?

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