Movies I’d Like to See

I realized, thinking it over, that this isn’t a bad year for movies from my perspective.

There’s already been “Age of Ultron”, naturally, but also:

Inside Out: Look: If you don’t like Pixar you probably also hate puppies, America, and love. This has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes through seventy reviews. How can people NOT be interested in this movie?

Ant Man: After “Guardians” proved Marvel could handle comedy well, I’m curious to see what they do with this.

The Martian: The trailer looked amazing, and the book was fantastic. My hopes are very high.

The Hateful Eight: I’m not even a Tarantino Guy. But Boyd Crowder – sorry, Walton Goggins – is back in a western. This immediately makes this a must see.

No, Star Wars is not on this list. Never been a Star wars guy.

I mean, a five movie year? That’s pretty good.

By the way, did I mention I’m really, really looking forward to “Inside Out”? I know Pixar has had a relatively subpar run lately but this looks like a vintage effort from them. “The Incredibles” is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, period, and I could probably make that claim about all of the Pixar classics and have it be pretty accurate (if Pixar had Brad Bird direct every single one of their movies from now until the end of time I wouldn’t complain).

Well, “Finding Nemo” and “Up” were kind of overrated, though still excellent. YES, “Up” had that amazing first ten minutes, but the rest of the movie, while good, couldn’t quite reach that bar. I mean, there were some very nice character moments, but dogs in biplanes? Really? The climax is pretty lame (though the gag when the two old men go to fight each other and simultaneously throw their backs out was pretty good).  I did think the stinger line, “It’s just a house”, was absolutely perfect.

But I’m kind of rambling. Basically, if Pixar makes it, and the concept looks really interesting, I’m going to be excited. So officially, I’m excited.

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3 Responses to Movies I’d Like to See

  1. Increds is definitely my fave. I’ll go see Inside Out PURELY because of it’s Pixar rep (though still not happy with Brave) but mostly was reluctant because… what story could there be? (also, I swear I had that “little people inside” idea once)

    But HOW DARE YOU about Finding Nemo and Up! We shall duel at dawn with water pistols good sir!

    REALLY looking forward to Martian. Haven’t read the book, but I love MacGyver growing up and this seems like the ULTIMATE MacG movie.

    I’ve got to hear how well you like Ant Man. I’m in no hurry at all to see it. Just a big… meh to me.

    • See, the fact that I had trouble thinking of stories is part of why I was excited.

      “Brave” was bad. But “Brave” wasn’t nearly as original an idea as this.

      (Though, yes, original is always relative. I’ve noticed that pretty much every review of “Inside Out” requires people to mention the TV show “Herman’s Head”.

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