Jurassic World: Brief Review

It is, quite possibly, the single stupidest movie I have ever seen. It makes absolutely no sense, and the plot is completely insane. If you’ll pardon a minor spoiler, at one point their plan to battle the monster-dino on the loose is to send raptors after it. Literally get a team of raptors and use them to corner monster-dino.

It reminds me of an episode of the show “American Dad” where the main character sends a bear in on a boat to attack a shark because “The bear is the shark’s natural enemy!”

And it actually gets even MORE stupid later on! The climax of the movie centered around one of the characters doing perhaps the stupidest thing she could possibly have done…and she does this to SOLVE their problem.

So of course I recommend it. It was an absolute blast. The climax of the movie was mind-numbingly dumb on a story level, but in terms of things that you, the audience member, want to see at that moment, it’s actually really great. One of those times where you want to stand up and cheer, because you’ve been waiting the whole movie for this.

If you want to watch a movie with entertaining dialogue (my word, the dialogue was bad) and an intelligent plot, stay away from this movie.

If you want to watch a hybrid monster-dino get into battles with other dinosaurs, then you’ve picked the right film.

And seriously, why ELSE would you be in the theater?

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