How Dare You!

Here’s a short, but true, story:

A girl I knew in high school just posted something on Facebook. She was VERY OFFENDED that, while at her retail job, a man told her that she’d make a good housewife.

*Excuse me! How DARE he! She was better than just a housewife; she had more important plans for her life. She was in college for her EDUCATION! So she could contribute to SOCIETY! How sexist of him to suggest that her skills were best reserved for a housewife.

Remember, ladies: If you are a house wife you are inferior to a career woman. Raising children is an unimportant job, and you should be offended if somebody says you’ll be good at.

One wonders of her reaction if he said she’d make a good lawyer.

*This is a paraphrase, but believe me, her tone was one of outrage.

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One Response to How Dare You!

  1. Crude says:

    I wonder how she’d react to being told that it’s a good thing she went to college and got into the business world, because she’d be a failure as a mother and a housewife.

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