News of a Different Kind

Long time readers (hello, all three to five of you) know that I’m extremely private. The few anecdotes I’ve given about my personal life have all been vague and quite generic, and I only revealed my real name when I started publishing stories under it.

So it is with this as my introduction that I make an announcement about my personal life. Recently after some prodding from people I know I decided to audition for a local production of the musical “42nd Street”. I can’t sing very well and am a holy-shit-awful dancer, but I am actually a pretty good actor when I care to try.

I am very surprised, and quite happy, to announce that I was cast in the show! I play the role of Abner, the Sugar Daddy of an aging starlet. Basically, they gave me the largest, or one of the largest, non-singing parts in the show. And it’s a good part.

Pretty cool.

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3 Responses to News of a Different Kind

  1. Ilíon says:

    You know, if you’re not careful with posting good news all the time, people may begin to suspect that your moniker is inappropriate.

  2. Edwards says:

    Congrats. You appear to be one of those people with 40 hours in a day. How do you ever find the time to do so much?

    • Ha, not really. It just appears that way. In the summer I actually have a good deal of down time, which is why I was able to audition (I actually got INTO “Our Town” earlier in the year but I was in school at the time and had to drop out…and dodged a bullet, I think).

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