I’ve been looking at “The Crucible” all Wrong

H/T Vox Day:

Lori Coulson on May 21, 2015 at 8:38 pm said:
The one thing the Hugo packet has demonstrated to me? That there are a bunch of authors out there I never want to read again, and not only will I not read anything more by them, I definitely won’t be reading anything the “Evil League of Evil” writes, edits or publishes. After being wowed by “The Crucible” in High School and taking the lesson within to heart, I find I’m starting my own personal blacklist. And it makes me very unhappy that it’s necessary to do so.

I’ve been looking at that play all wrong. It’s not ACTUALLY anti-blacklisting. It’s against blacklisting the wrong people. But it’s totally okay to blacklist people when it’s NECESSARY.

In other words: It’s okay to blacklist people who aren’t me.

I’ve gotta re-read that play, man. What else have I been missing? Perhaps Miller also meant that lying to get people imprisoned is wrong, but only if it’s the wrong type of people. Innocent until proven guilty unless you deserve it anyway. Who knows what wonders a new SJW-ized reading will lead me to?

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2 Responses to I’ve been looking at “The Crucible” all Wrong

  1. Got a laugh out of me with this one. Well put.

  2. Ooo… you should make that a new feature, Mal. “SJW book readings.”
    Like… 1984 – A story about how Emmanuel Goldstein ruins everything.
    Lord of the Rings – How a bunch of people died because nobody put Eowen in charge.
    Frakenstein – Another example of how cishet white men always write boring tales about chishet white men.

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