The Implications of Apologies

Absolutely nothing prompted this post. It was just a random thought that crossed my mind and I thought would make a decent post.

I try to make a point to apologize for things I say that I regret later, and to people I think are owed apologies. Once a person I apologized to pointed out to me (I’d link to him and the comment if I remembered who it was – this was several months ago and took place in the midst of a long conversation) that while apologizing is good, it would be even better if I didn’t need to apologize at all.

This, of course, is almost self-evidently true. That said, my suspicion from my copious amounts of online reading is that I almost certainly need to apologize no more often than anybody else. It’s just that I actually do it, where others either refuse to admit they need to or forget. So I find myself rather unmoved by comments like that, except insofar as I should ALWAYS be working to be more Christlike when talking to people.

I suppose this is kind of a way for me to pat myself on the back. Perhaps, but I think it’s fair to give what I believe is a legitimate defense to a criticism sometimes made about me.

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