Issue # 5 is Out!

Here is Issue 5 of the Sci Phi Journal! In it you can find my article “The Philosophy of Serenity”. If you’ve already read the original once posted on this site you should know that this version does contain some changes, including a 180 on my views of Shepherd Book’s preaching ability. So if you want to see my analysis on that, or you’ve ever wondered about the connection between Joss Whedon and C.S. Lewis (there not only is one, it’s actually shockingly explicit), you’ll want to check that out.

Among others the book also contains stories by “Domo” author Joshua Young and the lovely L. Jagi Lamplighter, sometimes known as Mrs. John C. Wright, and also the author of the Prospero series of novels. Both authors will hopefully be collaborating with me on a really cool project soon (along with others), so stay tuned for that.

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