“Justified” Season Six Retrospective

First, the finale: The first 35-40 minutes were AWESOME. Absolute perfection, some of the best TV the show has ever done.

The final twenty took place after a time jump, and it was a little dull. Winona remains the most loathsome character on the show.

Also – SPOILER! – They worked too hard to make the viewers support Ava. Out of all of this, she makes it out totally scot free. Escapes all of the consequences. Even has Raylan go to bat for her.

She did not earn that.


ALL THAT SAID: The final scene between Raylan and Boyd was superb.

It was a good finale, though. I liked it. Glad Raylan made it.


Best guest performance: Mary Steenburgen as Katherine Hale. She just nailed that role.

Runner Up: All of them. Seriously, the acting this season was phenomenal.

Best Performance by a series regular: Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder. He just totally killed it this year. The easy pick as far as I’m concerned.

Runner Up: It’s very, very close, but while Joelle Carter as Ava had the more difficult role this year I’ll have to give it to Timothy Olyphant as Raylan. He’s the more talented actor and he did a fantastic job this year. But man, the acting was so phenomenal this year. It’s unbelievable.

Best Episode of the Season: “Collateral”, episode 12. Absolutely nail-biting from start to finish. Contained Constable Bob, which is always a major plus, as well as one of the best scenes in the entire series during that shootout in the woods.

Runner up: “Dark as a Dungeon”. Raylan at his ballsy, brilliant best.

And, final analysis of the finale: Very good. Not the best the show has ever done, but outstanding at times and never bad – much like the show itself.

And that is a very high compliment.

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4 Responses to “Justified” Season Six Retrospective

  1. Zippy says:

    The show was very well executed and I enjoyed watching it, but in the end we were supposed to sympathize with letting a slutty thief and murderess get away with her crimes because she was a single mom now and had to raise the child of an incarcerated thug. I keep trying to take time away from the blogosphere, but I don’t think I have to wonder what Dalrock would make of the Justified finale.

    • That was my thought.

      BUT – but – there is a saving grace there: It was very much in character for Raylan.

      I think the showrunners pushed a bit too hard to make the audience like her, but I absolutely believe that Raylan would do what he did.

      (Also, Winona is loathsome.)

      • Zippy says:

        Sounds about right to me.

      • …And the more I think about it, the more I think Ava’s escape, and Raylan letting her off the hook, fit with the show’s theme.

        This season has worked very hard to try and push the idea that Ava has been used as a pawn by the two leads. Of course, never mind that the reason she was in that position was because she chose to get involved in the criminal underworld.

        That said, you do feel bad for her, because she doesn’t come across as evil. The killing of Delroy probably saved Ellen May’s life, which is why the darkest thing she ever did was call for a hit on Ellen May. Now, given the chance to shoot her herself, Ava couldn’t do it; I’m not inclined to give her a pass, but some will, and I think you can make a fair argument.

        The other argument is that if Ava were in jail, she would have been killed; that was the whole point of the ill-advised jail storyline in season 5. And she didn’t deserve that.

        And lastly, it’s not as if she REALLY got off scot free, being forced to change her name, move cross-country, and become a single mother.

        That’s not to say I buy that Raylan did the right thing, but a major theme of the show has been deciding whether or not following the letter of the law is the right thing to do or not, and having Raylan make that kind of decision with Ava fits thematically. And like I said, I think Raylan acted in character, which is a big deal.

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