George R.R. Martin Runs Away

Before I write this, let’s keep in mind a couple of things:

1) I am not Vox Day

2) I have read one full fictional work by Vox Day, which I greatly enjoyed

3) I disagree with Vox Day on many major issues

With that said, I greatly admire the way he stands up for himself and refuses to be intimidated by liberals. I also genuinely don’t think he’s a racist.

So I am supremely unimpressed by George R.R. Martin, who calls for an honest debate then runs away rather than touch the unclean badthink.

Look: There is a lot of talk in the comments about how the puppies are wrong for thinking there are conspiracies and whisper campaigns. Vox has pretty much been the main guy when compiling evidence for this. If you really think his data is wrong, debate him. Prove it.

Martin won’t, though, because Martin is a liar. He never wanted honest debate. He just wanted to get his men rallied for a two minute hate. I hope I get to see Martin’s reaction when Vox refuses to back down.

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