Belated: The Hugo Nominations are Out!

I am happy to report that Sad Puppies has scored a massive victory.

The nominations are here, among many other places. I just happen to be on this site as I write this.

My comments:

1) Yes, Mr. Wright has set the record for most Hugo nominations in a single year, and congratulations to him for it.

2) I will be reading every single work on the ballot before voting, at least in the categories I am voting in; if I leave out a work, then I will not vote in that category.

3) For all who talk about what a horrible, horrible thing this is, the reviews for works on the ballot are the highest since at least 1988, and the authors are the best reviewed authors since, at least, that same year.

4) For all who talk about how we are forcing other people out of the awards, well, there are more votes this year than any other year in the history of the Hugos. For those keeping score at home, this is a good thing. We also have more first time nominees in best novel than any other year. Once again, good.

5) It can always happen and I am open to it, but I find it difficult to believe that in the categories Wright is in I’ll be voting for authors besides him. His work this year has been simply outstanding. For his three novellas I lean towards “Pale Realms of Shade”, though we’ll see whether or not I like the other works more.

The SJW reaction is hilarious, by the way.

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4 Responses to Belated: The Hugo Nominations are Out!

  1. James Parliament says:

    I’m an outsider to SF/F and gaming (they’re related, right?) but have recently read a few of JCW’s stories. Add your enthusiasm and recent success, and the very satisfying results of Sad Puppies, and I’m becoming interested indeed.

  2. Syllabus says:

    Have you read any of Larry Correia’s stuff yet? (He declined his nomination, so I guess technically he won’t be showing up, but still.) It’s not as sweepingly philosophical as Wright, but it’s good, solid stuff. The Monster Hunter series in particular, which is basically gunslingers-vs-Cthulhu horror/urban fantasy, is quite solidly enjoyable.

    • I am probably around halfway through his first Grimnoir Chronicle book, though I haven’t went back to it in awhile now. I own the audio book.

      It was all right. He’s not bad, but he doesn’t hold a candle to Wright.

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