Dr. Feser Knocks it out of the Park

Check out his new article, “The Two Faces of Tolerance”. Brilliant.

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2 Responses to Dr. Feser Knocks it out of the Park

  1. labreuer says:

    Do you ever wonder about whether sexual immorality is not the root cause, and that by attempting to treat it as a cause instead of symptom, one might be doing great evil? I completely agree on the stupidity of ‘tolerance’; I posted “(1) We are intolerant of the intolerant.” on Feser’s blog and noted how this logically leads to self-hatred, on pain of equivocation and hypocrisy.

    But what if it’s actually more about power than sexuality? What if the true error is violation of Mt 20:20–28 and Jn 13:1–20, and if that error, plus perhaps some others (e.g. Ezek 16:49–50), ultimately leads to the only gratification left: sexual gratification of ever-more exotic kinds? What if it is the refusal to trust which inevitably leads to imposition of the will instead of cooperation of the wills?

    Rom 2:24 always looms large in my mind, in these discussions: in that chapter, those who claim to have a better way, those who claim to be able to follow the law, are hypocrites. If you say there is a better way, if you say you’re worshiping God, but do not have the fruit to do so, then “The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” (emphasis added) To claim there is a better way, to claim to have access to the way, the truth, and the life, and then fail to show [enough?] fruit, is to destroy the hope that such a way, such a truth, such a life even exists.

    And thus, I worry. I worry that we could be doing a fantastically better job of following Jesus, if we stopped majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors. I have to believe that a much more fantastic way of living is possible, and I insist that Eph 1:3 means what it says. Likewise, Ja 1:5–8 means what it says. And so, if we aren’t seeing a true breaking-in of the kingdom of God, perhaps that is because we are wicked and perverse in ways we would rather not admit. Perhaps we even tithe dill and mint and cumin, neglecting the weightier matters of the law.

    What if majoring in the majors and minoring in the minors resulted in less sexual immorality? What if we stop being fools, understand what the will of God is (Eph 5:17), and find that sexual morality falls out of the intensification of desiring the will of God? There would be no need to impose sexual morality on people, for those pursuing Jesus would have plenty of empirical evidence and testimony, from the fruits of their beliefs and actions. And hey, God lets people try out evil if they refuse to trust him; maybe we have to do the same. Let there be oases of those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, such that the world can see how its ways differ from God’s ways. Oh, and we need laws like the one passed in Indiana to do this, it would seem.

  2. Chad says:

    Thanks for linking it. I don’t read his work often, but this was a delight and very well reasoned.

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