Currently working on…

Take it as given that I am shamelessly procrastinating instead of working on schoolwork as well.

  • Some more editing of my “Serenity” article to make it less of a review than it currently is and more of a philosophical reflection.
  • A re-write of the ending of my theological robot story “Cover-Up”. The original is good on its own but very similar to the Asimov story “Runaround”, and as I suspect my readers to be familiar with Asimov that’s not necessarily a good thing. I like the new ending better anyway.
  • A new theological robot story titled “Modified”, about programming the concept of God into the robot brain. Getting the philosophy right will be interesting.
  • On the back burner is a ghost story, a sort of reverse “Wonderful Life” that I have in mind about a person being stopped before their suicide, but instead of seeing how much worse the world would be without them they get to look into the future at the ramifications their suicide has on their family and friends. It’s meant as a general response to the notion that we shouldn’t care about the ramifications of social issues outside the needs of the individual actor. I may put it out for free on Easter if I’m in a good mood and the writing goes well. Don’t hold your breath though, I suggested something similar for Christmas that never materialized.
  • My Arthurian fantasy is still there, but I probably won’t start working on it again until the summer. This is NOT due to a dearth of ideas but simply because it’s a large, ambitious project and I am busy.
  • And, of course, I’ve mentioned the collaborative project I’m working on. Things should start to really move by April.
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