For the First, and Hopefully not the Last Time…

…I get to share positive press of my work. Here is praise for “Take Up Your Cross”, from author Edward Lerner:

All the stories were — for my taste — well worth reading, and I found these especially thought-provoking:

  • “An Iron Shell of Ritual” (Jeff Racho): about war, captivity, and whether robots (and the people who send robots into battle?) have souls.

  • “Icarus Falls” (Alex Shvartsman): about memory, duty, and loss.

  • “Take Up Your Cross” (Anthony Marchetta): about spirituality and causality (with a hat tip toward time-traveling Deloreans).

  • “The Wallet” (Paul Levinson): a nifty time loop/paradox story.

So I was singled out for praise! It’s good! Get the Journal! Read the story!

(Interestingly, my favorite story was E.J. Shumak’s “Bunny Rabbit”, which did not make his list of favorites. But Mr. Lerner’s picks are all very good.)

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