EVERYBODY Looks Like People

A fan said they “Can’t see Dumbledore as gay”. That’s it. They “can’t see him in that way”.

Rowling’s response?

“Maybe because gay people just look like…people,”

This is a mindbogglingly stupid comment. I’m trying to write why, but there are so many reasons I don’t even know where to start. Maybe my three to five regular readers can write something down.

Rowling’s absurd social views have always disappointed me more than most because of how much Harry Potter affected my life. Blech.

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5 Responses to EVERYBODY Looks Like People

  1. Syllabus says:

    Maybe my three to five regular readers can write something down.

    Well, there’s the what seems to be the equivocation that she seems to be engaging – interpreting what seems to be a metaphorical use of “see”, in the sense of “I have trouble imagining Dumbledore, from what else I know of him, as gay”, to “I can’t literally visualize Dumbledore as gay”. Thereby giving her an opportunity to talk about how we’re all totes the same. It strikes me as a remarkably silly point to try and make.

    • The implication being that gay and straight people act exactly the same, all the time, in which case, why is that person wrong for seeing Dumbledore as straight?

      • Crude says:

        If Rowling were serious, someone could just turn around and deny the bit about how ‘LGBT characters have been systematically ignored and left out of fiction!’ on the grounds that, since everyone looks the same, for all anyone knows they’re overrepresented in fiction.

  2. GRA says:

    I have always felt that Dumbledore being gay, when admitted by Rowling AFTER the series was written & published, as some sort of grab of social attention. I mean, why gay, why not bisexul or asexual? Why not make him a man of bachelorhood where young students (don’t get any perverted ideas now) can listen to his tall tales? Nope. “Dumbledore’s gay.” I wonder if Rowling made Tonks a lesbian but then made her fall in love with Lupin (I just never understood this relationship – seemed like she went all fanfic); if so she’d probably never admit it to the world.

    But like you, Harry Potter played an important part in my life, at least when it came to reading and my thoughts on books.

  3. Dango says:

    Why should a reader have a “hard time” imagining him as either gay or straight? There wasn’t a single thing in the books that indicated anything about his sexuality. It’s also for this reason that Rowling also comes across as ridiculous: telling readers that Dumbledore was gay added nothing to the reading experience, as all of his actions were sexually neutral. If anything, it served as a distraction.

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