Justified, Season 6, Episode 8

Forget “Gravity Falls”. After this absolutely amazing episode (again), I think I can safely say that season 6 of “Justified” is better than even I had hoped for. It’s magnificent. It’s about as close to perfect as serialized TV can get.

The level of tension and suspense the episode managed to keep up was frankly amazing. I was utterly engrossed in a way I never was during last week’s slightly disappointing episode “The Hunt” (ugh, Winona). This time the focus was back on all of the best characters, as in, every character except for Winona.

The dialogue, always top shelf, is in especially rare form this episode thanks to the ample screen time given to the talk between Raylan and Boyd, both of whom always play off each other well. The show can’t even resist lampshading this a bit by having Raylan say “There’s a small part of me that’s gonna miss this” after a long discussion that ended with each side making the case for what classic the ending of their story will emulate. Raylan is convinced he’ll ride off into the sunset after getting his man, as in the classic western; Boyd thinks he’s more likely to end up like Ahab, drowning in the ocean after wasting his life chasing a whale. Time will tell.

The ending of the episode is suitably dramatic, with the ghost of Arlo Givens come back from the past to taunt Raylan one more time. It was certainly ominous.

The really amazing thing, though? That might only be the second best episode of the season. “The Trash and the Snake” was on the same level as well, and there have been no “bad” episodes.

“Justified’s final tour can potentially go down as a legend if the writers can cash in all of the checks they’re writing. I can’t wait.

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