It’s Finally Here!

Bring out the trumpets!

Prepare the feast!

The fourth issue of the Sci Phi Journal is finally here!

Notice something about the stories? They mention “Take Up Your Cross”. There’s only one problem…

My name is not Alex. I’ll be contacting them about that shortly.

I’ve told this story before, but as it’s my blog and I like telling it I will tell it again. Here is the story of “Take Up Your Cross”:

Those who followed the blog long enough will actually be able to find the point where I started the story. The idea was taken from John C. Wright’s excellent story “Nativity” (which can be read in the superb “The Book of Feasts and Seasons”). There, a time traveler intends to go to the Crucifixion and ends up at the Nativity. I liked the idea and decided that my character really would end up at the Crucifixion. And so my story is about a college Professor with some rather progressive ideas about Christ deciding that maybe he could help Jesus do a little bit better for himself…

The story is very, very Catholic – the Virgin Mary is a major character. If you’re not Catholic, remember that it is fiction, and take it as such.

I genuinely do not how well it will be received. My best guess is that a lot of people will say it’s overly preachy. All I can say in response is that when I wrote the story I genuinely did not have any sort of preachiness in mind; that the story turned out the way it did is entirely because that is what was required of the narrative.

And now to point out to Castalia House that Alex is NOT my name.

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7 Responses to It’s Finally Here!

  1. labreuer says:

    Would you be up for keeping a blog post or other page up-to-date with links to buy the issue, the title of the story, and a teaser? I really like this idea of understanding Jesus via counterfactuals. The “I could have done it better” counterfactual is especially fascinating to me. So many folks out there think they could do it better. Being a software engineer, it can be darkly fun to see them flail when they cannot, after I’ve told them why they cannot. But it’s also just enlightening to try.

  2. Alright got my copy. Will let you know when I review it.

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