A New Term for an Old Phenomenon

Modern SJW’s are fond of saying that minorities can’t be racist, since racism can only occur when somebody is in a position of power.

Well yeah, okay, if you define racism in such a way that minorities can’t be racist, then minorities can’t be racist. Therefore, I have come up with a new term, defined as “a minority discriminating unjustly against a race that has power in csociety”. I call it “being a dick”, or “dickishness”, if you prefer.

Let’s use it in a sentence:

“Man, did you see how those black people refuse to give that nice white person the time of day? They’re all really being dicks.”

“Wow, Al Sharpton is really blaming white people for all of black people’s problems? He’s being such a dick.”

“Wow, your college only let in black people? You have a policy founded on the principle of dickishness.”

I propose that “being a dick” should carry the same stigma in society that “racism” does.

[The point of all of this is, of course, that whether or not somebody’s racist is entirely beside the point. It’s whether or not doing a certain thing is MORAL that matters.]

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4 Responses to A New Term for an Old Phenomenon

  1. zodak says:

    we shouldn’t let SJW re-define words. they will just keep moving the goalposts. plenty of minorities are racists. sometimes i’d like to drop off 1 of those white sjw in the bronx at 1am so they can experience how non-racist it really is.

  2. James Parliament says:

    Nice and punchy, this one.

    It’s an obvious absurdity you point out. In my experience, people still haven’t caught on to the power objectives behind the language. It’s fascinating (and frustrating) to see people so bamboozled by it all.

  3. GRA says:

    SJWs, as Zodak said, re-defines words. I’ll add they dismiss certain ‘labels’ due to a label ‘putting them in a box.’ So they re-define words when it suits them and reject words that make them uncomfortable.

  4. The Deuce says:

    On Twitter, when this happens, I enjoy responding by telling the person saying it that feminists can’t be raped. Rape, after all, means non-consensual sex with a NON-feminist. That’s just what it means!

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