The Richard Dawkins Fallacy

If you think that you’ve refuted a philosophical position held by great and learned men for at least 500 years within the space of a five paragraph essay or less, you’re probably wrong.

EXAMPLE: You have not refuted the natural law position about sodomy if you point out that animals also have gay sex, and St. Thomas didn’t know that.

See “The God Delusion” for more examples.

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4 Responses to The Richard Dawkins Fallacy

  1. Ilíon says:

    Animals also eat their young, so we should also …. hmmm, I guess in a way, we do.

  2. Sparky says:

    “See “The God Delusion” for more examples.”

    Or just look around the internet for five minutes. It’s amazing how many people were “won over” by a double talker.

  3. GRA says:

    Every time someone brings up the homosexuality in animals as a legit point to say “same sex relations are totally A-OKAY and beautiful!” I’m like “No.”

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