Books to Re-Read

I was going through Wright’s archives and I noticed a post he did on books he found worthy not just of reading, but of re-reading.

This is an odd question to me, because I re-read everything so often that I can hardly count. That’s the point of owning as opposed to renting a book, right?

So I’ll just give the books I re-read the MOST:

  • Harry Potter. Don’t laugh. “Sorcerer’s Stone” (I am an American, dammit, stupid name be damned) is the reason I started writing. It was the first book I ever really loved, and I can re-read Harry Potter forever.
  • C.S. Lewis in general but specifically “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Great Divorce”. Lewis is one of the most eloquent writers on the topic of Hell I have ever read.
  • Yes, “The Lord of the Rings”, if only because it is so deep that it requires multiple re-readings to grasp all of the ideas Tolkien packs into it.
  • “The Complete Sherlock Holmes”, all 56 stories and 4 novels. I started reading mysteries because of the Hardy Boys, but Sherlock Holmes is what kept me interested, and he is the first truly compelling character I’ve ever read about. He’s interesting enough to keep me going back.
  • “The Book Thief”, because nobody writes prose like Markus Zusak. He has the greatest mastery of metaphor of any writer I’ve ever read. I truly believe there’s no other writer out there like him.

…And that’s really it. I’ve re-read “Awake in the Night Land” several times as well, but not to the extent of those books.

Anybody else?

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One Response to Books to Re-Read

  1. Samuel Edwards says:

    I find myself re-reading Brian Jacques’ Redwall series quite frequently. I’ve also read Raymond Feist’s initial Riftwar trilogy multiple times. Both of these re-reads are more due to nostalgia than any indication of literary worth (not that they aren’t examples of good literature).

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