Justified: Season 6, Episode 1 Review

There will be spoilers, for those who care.

I’ll kick things off by saying that season 6 got off to a better start than season 5. The characters were more interesting and I was more intrigued at what was going to go down next than I was after the season 5 premiere.

It wasn’t “Justified’s” finest hour, but that’s hardly fair. “Justified” is a slow burn sort of show. It’s all about set-ups and payoffs, and for obvious reasons this was a set up episode, and a good one.

All of the plot lines look really interesting to me, and that wasn’t always the case in season 5 (Ava in jail was not a great idea). But Ava’s reluctance has so far been played with good effect, Boyd has been a properly menacing presence, and the mysterious figure of the man rolling up to Arlo’s house with a suitcase of cash is sufficiently intriguing.

I really have no complaints on this one. Boyd’s plan with Dewey was ingenious and worked like a charm, and I have to admit I totally bought it. Dewey’s death later was shocking, sad, and sent a message to the fans: Season 6 is hunting season. Who knows who’s getting out of Harlan alive?

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