Advance Review: “Justified”, Season 6

I was already planning my year around season 6. But if this review is any indication, I’m going to like it even more than I thought.

A couple of choice quotes:

The politics of the western, namely its dramatization of how feuds between private citizens, both powerful and unruly, come to literally shape the land’s boundaries, are also nearly as explicit as they were in the show’s rightfully lauded second season.

A positive comparison to the second season! This IS gonna be good.

Season six is comparatively slow, and obsessive, which is a relief from the convolutions that had grown to characterize Justified. We’re allowed to savor those great dialogue exchanges between lovers and antagonists that ultimately define the series—rich in history, hurts, and the passing of joints and the knocking back of booze while astutely selected country music plays in the background. Boyd’s dissertations continue to be a notable marvel, especially in an early dust-up with Raylan that the former concludes with the memorably chilling proclamation, “You see, Raylan, I’ve learned to think without arguing with myself.” “Watch out” has never been so eloquently, or menacingly, voiced.

I can’t wait.

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