More Hugo News

Sad Puppies is being run out of author Brad Torgerson’s blog this year.Be sure to comment there and give your favorite nominees.

My choices, of the people I’ve read this year:

“Queen of the Tyrant Lizards”, By John C. Wright, for best short story.

“A Quadrillion Occupied Planets”, by Marc Anthony, also for best short story. I heard the author is a cool guy.

“The Plural of Helen of Troy”, by John C. Wright, for best novella

“What is Pink/Blue SFF?” by Vox Day, for best related work.

My well known picks: “The Martian”, by Andy Weir, for best novel and “Interstellar” for best long form dramatic presentation.

Hugo Award for best editor, short form: JASON RENNIE! This guy rules. Get him some exposure.

The webcomic “Freefall”, by Mark Stanley, for best graphic story. Outstanding exploration of Asimov’s three laws.

Be sure to comment on Brad’s blog with your picks, and also pick up your copy of the Sci Phi Journal.

For that matter, if you like my reviews, I’m actually eligible for best fan writer.

I not only expect nothing, I feel rather ridiculous for bringing myself up. But hey, he asked…

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2 Responses to More Hugo News

  1. “Hugo Award for best editor, short form: JASON RENNIE! This guy rules.”

    I have to agree with you, there.

    • I am obviously extremely biased, but in all seriousness my interactions with Mr. Rennie have been nothing but positive. His suggestions for my stories have always been helpful and made in a polite and respectful manner, and he is very involved with his various authors,

      He also does a crapload of work when it comes to that magazine. It’s basically entirely his baby. And it’s damn good.

      No, I have a bias when it comes to Mr. Rennie, but my suggestion isn’t just because he published me. He’s a good man and a very good editor.

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