Project Idea

Involving Wright’s two laws (and there’s the link I mentioned). A really, really cool one, that will involve several people if I can actually get the allies I hope I can. Stay tuned.

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6 Responses to Project Idea

  1. I’d be interested to see how you do this since I’ve probably worked in IT/programming too much to see the two laws as workable.

    Also, you ever read the webcomic freefall? It’s surprisingly good with even more surprising thought provoking moments nestled within the humor. But anyway, it has some examination of AI in said humorous, yet thought-provoking way. If you’ve got time off this long weekend, I recommend devouring its archive.

    • I love “Freefall”! Discovered it months ago. Takes Asimov’s three laws into whole new directions.

      • lol cheers then! I guess we discovered it about the same time.

        Discovering Dr Bowman is cool and all, but I’m about ready for Sam to come back and shenanigan things up.

        That’s one webcomic (well that and Dr McNinja) that I wouldn’t mind seeing be turned into an animated series.

    • Also, like Wright, I don’t see any of the laws as ACTUALLY workable in the real world. Consider my world a sort of alternate universe fairy land where such things are possible, like Asimov’s world.

      • Well that’s fair enough, though I find fairy tales interesting too as they can be instructive in their distinctions.

        Though a story about a robot taught “Love God” and then has to go on a maddening quest to find Him could be anything from poignant and great to hilarious and entertaining.

      • Well, I LOVED “I, Robot”, so I have no issue with fairy tales as such.

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