Next Story Idea: The Two Laws of Robotics

Mr. Wright published a post (I’ll link to it later when I have a bit more time) where he said that if he were to make laws of robotics, he would make them with two laws: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. He then offered the idea up freely to the public to use as they saw fit. As far as I know nobody has taken him up on the offer, or at least nobody has published anything using that concept.

I love the idea, and I loved “I, Robot”, so this seems really cool to me. And so this will be my next project*. I have something in mind…

I’d take a cue from Mr. Wright and put up a free Christmas story for you all to chew on, but I really have no ideas for anything like that, so unless I come up with something quick you’ll all have to be content with whatever he offers (if he decides to offer anything).

*”Eternal Twilight in the Metal Empire” is grinding along, as I have a vague idea of where I want to end up but no clue how to get there. I’ve made the executive decision to put it aside for now under the theory that as long as I’m working on SOMETHING, it’s not procrastinating.

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4 Responses to Next Story Idea: The Two Laws of Robotics

  1. John Donner says:

    That seems to be the way most Christians envision angels – creations with no free will who only love “God” and serve Him continually.

    Of course, this conception doesn’t explain how there are fallen angels (if they had no free will, how did they become fallen?) but I digress.

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