Justified Review: “Restitution”

So season 5 came out on DVD about three or so days ago! I had no idea, and when I found it in a store on the same day I just so happened to have 25% off every item in my basket (I worked on black Friday…never work in retail if you can help it) I was beyond psyched. Merry Christmas!

So how was season 5? Well, the quick answer is “excellent”. The long answer is “excellent, though seasons 2-4 were better overall”.

That’s not to say that season 5 didn’t have some killer episodes. Episode 5, “Shot All to Hell”, was dynamite, and generally, as always, the episodes leading up to the finale were spectacular.

The season is difficult to summarize, but basically we have two plot lines coming to a head: The Crowes and finally dealing with Daryl and Boyd getting out of the scrape with his Mexican friends. On the side is Ava getting out of jail somehow, but that one’s a bit less interesting.

The final episode, “Restitution’s”, best scenes involved Boy Crowder. Boyd found himself both thoroughly outmatched and incredibly brilliant at the same time. After his kidnapping by the Mexican  heroin smugglers Boyd looks almost hilariously outmatched. One particularly embarrassing scene ended up wasting a spectacular line by Boyd (he wasted it, anyway…I loved it. “You know what your trouble is? You just don’t know how to talk to people!), and he very nearly gets skinned alive in another awesome scene. But his dangerous gambit to bring the marshals down worked like a freaking charm, not only getting him out of the mess alive against all odds but ridding him of his Mexican problems without even having him get any more blood on his hands. Boyd might be a villain, but he is just awesome to watch. Seeing him sit down and just talk is a blast.

Daryl Crowe and Wendy Crowe also had a dynamite scene together, when Wendy finally gets Daryl to admit he shot Art. If anything about the episode was disappointing, perhaps it was too little Raylan.

So I was nearing the end of the episode and thinking “That was…good. I mean, I wish the finale was a LITTLE stronger…”

And then the final scene happened. And it RULED. Ava flipped on Boyd! She’ll be wearing a wire! The marshals are going after Boyd!

Ladies and gentleman, your main villain for season 6, the final season of “Justified”: Boyd Crowder. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

Seriously though, AVA FLIPPED ON BOYD. Brilliant plot twist, and now I am VERY MUCH looking forward to the final season. How great is it that I made it just in time to see the show end live?

And finally: If the Ruby Friedman orchestra just went all the way to the end, their version of “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” would be my favorite. Awesome rendition.

As it is, the award for “best use of the song on the show” still goes to the haunting ending of season 2. Absolutely perfect.

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