Brief Review: Interstellar

Best science fiction movie ever?


I still say “Serenity” is better overall because it’s hard to top that crackling dialogue, but “Interstellar” relied way more heavily on the sci-fi elements. Probably the single most ambitious movie I’ve ever seen. Visually gorgeous, it features a virtuoso performance by the show stealing Matthew McConaughey and a totally mind-bending plot.

The ending reminded me of “The Last of All Suns” – not because of what actually happened but because of my reaction to it. It may have gone a bit (just a bit!) to far into the “weird” direction for my taste, but if you like hard sci-fi you’ll love it.

If you consider yourself a sci-fi fan, see this movie. It is brilliant.

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4 Responses to Brief Review: Interstellar

  1. Syllabus says:

    I’d put Forbidden Planet up there in the running for best sci-fi film ever. Admittedly, I’m quite biased towards classic films, but on its own merits its a marvelous film, in terms of theme and content as well as cinematography and pacing.

    On a side note, have you see The Tree of Life? The visuals in Interstellar reminded me quite a bit of the visuals in that one. Which makes sense, since the the same guy who did the visual effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey did the ones for Tree of Life, and Nolan admitted that Interstellar was greatly influenced by 2001.

    • My confession is that I’ve never been a huge sci-fi fan. I am almost sure I’d hate 2001 from what I’ve heard of it, and have never seen “Tree of Life” or “Forbidden Planet”.

      My confidence in this assertion is simply because I can’t possibly imagine any sci-fi movie possibly topping “Interstellar”, at least not a sci-fi movie as ambitious in its science (I still say due to the dialogue alone as well as terrific acting from every single member of the ensemble cast “Serenity” tops it as a better overall movie, though not a better sci-fi movie.)

  2. I still say “Serenity” is better overall because it’s hard to top that crackling dialogue, but “Interstellar” relied way more heavily on the sci-fi elements.

    Well nobody can argue with my love for Serenity (seriously Malcolm, you want to join the project? any time) but to choose between them…

    That’s probably why it’s best to sub divide scifi. Serenity is probably the best SOFT scifi (even if it’s harder than star wars or trek) while Interstellar is the now best HARD scifi. There, now my brain won’t break trying to answer the question. 😀

    • I think that’s a pretty good distinction. “Serenity” does not and does not try to get all of the science details right (Whedon frankly admitted that the ion storm scene at the end was impossible). But the question to ask then is why would you want the ion storm scene to be accurate, anyway? Would it have improved the fictional movie?

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