I Wonder

I just saw a thing about feminists making a documentary called “Free the Nipple”, and I have to ask: Are they really that stupid?

Who do they think are objecting to showing naked breasts in public? The men? Well, yes – the men who are concerned enough to try and not objectify women and who do not want them to get raped.

So who won’t care? Also men. Except that the men who won’t care – in fact, will support it – are exactly the type of men feminism is supposed to be opposing: The men who objectify women and who use women for sex, either through pick-up artistry or rape. You really think those people oppose lots and lots of women getting naked in public?

Like most things associated with feminism I can really only see this doing the exact opposite of what it’s meant to.

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5 Responses to I Wonder

  1. GRA says:

    Good timing of this post. I was thinking of this in terms of movies & tv: True Detective, The Game of Thrones, On The Road etc.

    I am not sure what has come over me, but almost every time I see a woman bare their breasts in terms of “art” and “being natural” I kind of feel sorry for them. I use to be totally fine – I guess you can say I became a prude and fair enough, maybe so.

    Those who either support it or don’t care usual use “A tit is a tit. You and I have them so I don’t see what’s the big deal,” to appeal to the “Who cares?” mentality. They’re right – a tit is a tit and I have tits, but if they’re so comfortable see nudity then I’m tempted to dare them to either take their top off in front of me or walk down the street nude in daylight. Their facial expression would be of disgust.

  2. Ilíon says:

    It’s easier to understand if you keep in mind two things about feminists:
    1) they’re insane;
    2) while they hate men (as a general class of human person), whom they hate, with a white-hot passion, are the good men, the “men who are concerned enough to try and not objectify women and who do not want them to get raped.”

    For all their caterwauling about “rape culture”, they don’t give a damn about actual rapes, nor the conditions that facilitate them, nor teaching women to avoid making the bad choices that increase their odds of becoming rape victims. Hell! from their point of view – they’re leftists, after all – the more rapes the better (which is why they always inflate the numbers). ‘Rape’ is simply one more stick with which to beat “the patriarchy”.

    So, keeping in mine 2) above, “Free the Nipple” should be understood as one more tool with which to demoralize – and insult – normal, good men: its purpose is a subtle emasculation of normal, good men. For, after all, men tend to find women’s breasts, and nipples, very interesting: they draw our eyes.

    Now, if women are running around showing just too much cleavage, and then indignantly barking, “Hey! My eyes are up here” when a mere man happens to notice what they’re intentionally putting on public display, how much more leftist/feminist comedy gold can be had if women are running around intentionally displaying their nipples … and normal men have to pretend not to notice?

    • I should also add that whether one considers me one of the “good men” or not, I don’t particularly care about this campaign. I’m never going to date or be interested in any women who take part in any of the silliness, so as far as I’m concerned they can do what they want. Hell, it’ll make my day more interesting. So it doesn’t really matter to me what happens as a result of this.

      And truthfully, I think most men feel this way. Either they don’t care, or they’re not opposed. Feminists just want the attention.

      • Ilíon says:

        But it *will* affect you if it gains legs.

        Sure, you can — and *should* — decline to get involved with any woman foolish enough (and wicked enough) to do this. But, nevertheless, you have eyes, and you will see these women (as you note, your day will be more “interesting”), and, this is the important part: you will be constantly brow-beat to pretend that you don’t see them.

        Moreover, presumably you will someday have a daughter. *She* will be under tremendous pressure to take part in this self-degradation.

        It seems to me that a very important reason that feminism has been so successful in undermining the very existence of our civilization is that men have tended to react just as you are about this: they see it as insane, but imagine that it won’t impact them or theirs, and so they never (collectively) stand up as men and say, “Enough!” But it always does impact them and theirs, and it’s cumulative.

      • I don’t really have an argument with any of this, actually.

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