Lemony Snicket gets all Watermelony

Okay, okay, that was a Hell of a stretch.

I really like the author Daniel Handler, better known as Lemony Snicket. His “Series of Unfortunate Events” could be really great at times (though the final book was the mother of all copouts). He’s a genuinely funny writer.

But apparently Handler made a joke about a black woman being allergic to watermelon and liberals freaked out (though apparently not a lot of them, since it was at the National Book Awards and nobody cares about them).

The best part of the linked article is this:

From the way Handler sets up the story, it seems like he and Woodson are close, and that she knew that the watermelon bit was coming. Maybe she did—maybe Handler’s a great guy, and they’re best friends, and she thought it was hilarious—but that doesn’t make the joke any less racist.

Translation: “The real life black person the joke was directed at didn’t actually care, but I have white guilt, and thus am offended on her behalf.”

Snicket, naturally, apologized later. Not a shocker, since writers are notoriously liberal.

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1 Response to Lemony Snicket gets all Watermelony

  1. Ilíon says:

    The appropriate response is, “You don’t like watermelon (or fried chicken)?! What’s the matter with you?”

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