Three Different Responses

Responses from this article on the Bill Cosby rape allegations:

She was a CHILD being victimized by someone she had trusted and looked up to as a father figure. You have no idea how an abuser can get into the head of the victim they have groomed. How dare you blame the victim!

– In response to people pointing out that the alleged victim’s (the particular one mentioned in the article) story didn’t totally add up.

Why are you questioning the victim…..typical behavior….and one of the reasons victims are reluctant to come forward! It doesn’t matter when they come forward as long as it is reported.

– Response to somebody questioning the story

Why did all the children being mentored by the Penn State coaches keep going back? Why did all the alter boys keep going to back to their priests? For Gods sake, stop victim blaming.

– Response when somebody asked why this seventeen year old teenager kept going back if she’d been raped by the guy. Now asking this question is “victim blaming” because, sometimes, there is an answer.

The pattern here is that if we even question the alleged victim’s story we’re horrible people. As Olivia Benson said on “Law and Order: SVU”, if she said she was raped she was raped. QED.

I do think it’s only fair to point out that the majority of the comments on that page were perfectly fine, to my surprise.

By the way, I actually think he’s probably guilty. When the number of accusations gets this high you do have to consider that they might be telling the truth.

BUT – I don’t know, or pretend to know.

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2 Responses to Three Different Responses

  1. Crude says:

    Is the “she was a CHILD” thing related to her being 17? Because if so, it’s impressive how it switches between ‘she was a CHILD, she wasn’t responsible for anything she did’ and ‘she is a GROWN WOMAN, she can make her OWN decisions about what to do with her body’ so easily.

  2. GRA says:

    @Crude: And one year away from being considered a legal adult. It’s “I want my cake and eat it too” type of scenario. I’m starting to think anonymity when it comes ones own body, especially anything sexually related, demanded by, I dunno, modernists/leftists/liberals is just mind games (or just confusion by those who express it) in order to act like self entitled brats filled with indignation.

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