Describing “A Wrinkle in Time”

It’s hard to realize just how weird Madeline L’Engle’s brilliant children’s book “A Wrinkle in Time” really is until you sit down and actually try to describe it to someone. This was the description I gave a friend recently:

It involves being teleported by strange old ladies into space, and it turns out the old ladies were really flying centaurs who used to be stars, and they go to rescue the main character’s father who is imprisoned by a giant brain.

At one point a giant blind beast thing takes care of the main character.

As I said: Awesome.

And not only is every word of that sentence true, none of it is even slightly exaggerated.

I say this because I think my next story is going to be intentionally written in L’Engle’s style. It’s so weird and unique and cool. My stories so far have been very Lewis (intentionally), so I think it’s time for something completely different. Something involving two moons and Shambilar.

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