Cross Your Fingers

I don’t want to get my hopes too high yet, but an editor has expressed interest in purchasing my short story “Take Up Your Cross” for publication in their online magazine. He told me he loved the story (Seriously!) and was just awaiting the response of certain reviewers; he wanted them to okay the way I used religion in the story (by that I believe he meant that it was very “Catholic” in nature, though I believe I was careful to say that Christ is the only divine human, so with luck this won’t be a barrier).

If I am accepted, I will receive 250 dollars upon publication. I won’t give the name of the journal in case they say no, but it is a legitimate online publication that has published quality professional writers.

(I did mention a place I was sending my stories too previously, yes, but keep in mind that a good author always has simultaneous submissions whenever possible.)

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3 Responses to Cross Your Fingers

  1. Crude says:

    That is absolutely fantastic. Good work and good luck.

    • Much appreciated. The good news is that the editor of the magazine loved my work, which means even if this is ultimately rejected I will still feel compelled to write in again with a different story, probably “The Vision of the Professor”, which is going to be re-titled “The Eternal Twilight of the Metal Empire”, because seriously that title is so freaking cool.

      As an aside, I suggest you take a look at Beatus Homo again. Joe’s new story is excellent. Dude is talented.

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